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''Fantastic Buffets"


We are Hot Buffet Specialists and offer you our award winning dishes

which include Moroccan Lamb, Pork in Cider, Lamb Jalfrezi and

'Hampshire' Goulash.

HOG Roast Winchester



If you need to feed a small number of people, or indeed a larger number, the hot buffet option is one of our most popular offerings.


You can choose to either receive the food cold - ready to heat and serve to your guests in your own time; or we can deliver your selection piping hot, ready to eat.


Our most popular dish is Moroccan Lamb and our most ordered trilogy is Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Jalfrezi and Bombay Korma.


This is a wonderful way to entertain at Christmas, be it for an office party or avoiding the hassle of feeding large groups of family members.


Revolutionise your monthly meetings and feed your minds with our excellent value hot buffets - delivered to your door.


No need to waste your time journeying to a restaurant or paying through the nose for wine.


Our delicious food can be delivered hot and ready to go - all you have to do is eat!



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Award Winning Delicious Food

Tel: 01794 368 620

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